Installation for linux

Please download the wallet installation package from Metaverse’s official website The wallet is now support Linux 64bit system.

There are standard and data packet versions of the installation package. The packet version comes with a database, which greatly reduces the time required for initial block syncing. We recommend that new users download and install this version; existing users are recommended to install the standard version, because the packet version may overwrite some raw data. Please choose the appropriate installation package.

Take version v0.8.1 as an example.

Download and unzip

Download standard versions

# for tarballs
tar -zxf mvs-linux-x86_64-v0.8.1.tar.gz

Install standard versions

cd mvs-linux-x86_64-v0.8.1

Download data packet

tar -zxvf mainnet-linux-height-1273528.tar.gz

Install data packet

cd metaverse-mainnet-blocks


# run 'mvsd', waiting for block synchronized. Get lastes block height from <>.
# option '-d' run as daemon mode
./mvsd -d

# Get helps from mvsd
./mvsd --help

# Get helps from mvs-cli
./mvs-cli help

Get started

  1. Run mvs-cli in terminal.
    More mvs-cli usage information please see mvs-cli usage
  2. Access wallet on browser.
    Default URL is (specified by mongoose_listen vaule in mvs.conf)
    More configuration information please see Config file