Metaverse Mainnet Information

Mainnet parameters of Metaverse

Name Value Unit
Total Supply 100,000,000 ETP
Circulation 55,815,665~ ETP
Genesis Coinbase 50,000,000 ETP
Initial Holdings of Foundation 25,000,000 ETP
Foundation Address MSCHL3unfVqzsZbRVCJ3yVp7RgAmXiuGN3 -
Official Explorer -
Mining Method PoW(proof of work) -
Mining Algorithm ETHASH Improved -
Difficulty Adjustment each block (No difficulty bomb) -
Mining Rewards The initial reward is 3ETP. Mining rewards decrease by 5% every 500,000 blocks ETP/block
Block Size Limit 1 MB
Theoretical Block Time 24 seconds
Actual Block Time 33 seconds
Go-live Time Feb.11.2017 -

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