Guide to PoS and MST mining

Download & Install v0.9.0 MPC1

Please refer to Download wallet to download and install the latest wallet.

PoS Mining

How to start PoS mining

Please follow the steps to start PoS mining:

  1. Register a avatar.
  2. Lock at least 1000 ETP by call lock with the avatar. The minimum lock height range is 100000.
  3. The avatar should holds at least one UTXO which has at least 1000 ETP and over 1000 height maturity.
  4. startmining with option -c pos.


It is easy to mine PoS block for avatar that has many UTXOs which has at least 1000 ETP.

Operations on fullnode wallet

Operations on fullnode wallet

MST Mining

How to start MST mining

MST issuer

MST issuer should specify the MST mining subsidy parameters(--subsidy) when he issue a MST if he want the MST to be mined.

The format of --subsidy parameter is initial:unit32,interval:unit32,base:float.

And MST mining reword is calculated by:initial * pow(base, (block_height/interval)).


./mvs-cli issue testacc testacc MST.MST.TEST -s "initial:300000000,interval:500000,base:0.95"

MST mining reword = 300000000 * pow(0.95, (Current block height - Height when MST issued) / 500000).

Operations on fullnode wallet

Operations on fullnode wallet


Miner startmining with option --symbol and the symbol of MST to be mined.