Start Running mvsd

Run mvsd

Usage: mvsd [-dhistv] [--datadir value] [--config value] [--ui value]      

Info: Runs a full metaverse node in the global peer-to-peer network.

Options (named):

-D [--datadir] Specify database path.
-c [--config] Specify path to a configuration settings file based
on path ~/.metaverse
-d [--daemon] Run in daemon mode (unix/apple).
-h [--help] Display command line options.
-i [--initchain] Initialize blockchain in the configured directory.
-s [--settings] Display all configuration settings.
-t [--testnet] Use testnet rules for determination of work
required, defaults to false.
-u [--ui] Open wallet UI.
-v [--version] Display version information.

Configure mvs.conf

You can find several commonly used configuration files at

  • mvs.conf - The main net configuration file
  • mvs-test.conf - The test net configuration files
  • mvs-full-setting-template.conf - The configuration file for the complete parameter template

mvs.conf sample content:

# mvs configuration in common usage in MAINNET
# mvs.conf default in path as below
# Windows : %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Metaverse
# Apple OSX : ~/Library/Application\ Support/Metaverse
# Linux/Uinx: ~/.metaverse

# The port for incoming connections, defaults to 5251 (15251 for testnet).
inbound_port = 5251
# The target number of incoming network connections, defaults to 8.
inbound_connections = 256
# The target number of outgoing network connections, defaults to 8.
outbound_connections = 32
# The cached peer hosts when startup
hosts_file = hosts.cache
# The debug log file path, defaults to 'debug.log'.
debug_file = debug.log
# The error log file path, defaults to 'error.log'.
error_file = error.log
# The advertised public address of this node, defaults to none.
#self = your_own_public_ip_address:port
# IP address to disallow as a peer, multiple entries allowed.
#blacklist =
# Persistent host:port channels, multiple entries allowed.
#peer =

# The blockchain database directory, defaults to 'mainnet' of below default path.
# Windows : %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Metaverse
# Apple OSX : ~/Library/Application\ Support/Metaverse
# Linux/Uinx: ~/.metaverse
# Eg:
# directory = D:\MVS\ChainData\Metaverse
# directory = /var/local/Metaverse

# The maximum number of query worker threads per endpoint, defaults to 1.
query_workers = 1

# local http RPC call listen port
mongoose_listen =

# Write service requests to the log, defaults to false.
log_level = DEBUG

Change the data folder location

Let’s take the Windows environment as an example.

  1. Create the configuration file mvs.conf in the following directory:

  2. The mvs.conf file configuration is as follows:

    directory = D:\MVS\ChainData\Metaverse

You can fill in your own path in the above path,
or you can download the configuration file:

For new users, it is recommended to install blockdata-inside version.
Copy the “% HOMEPATH% \ AppData \ Roaming \ Metaverse” directory to the target directory on disk D.
(The folder name must be Metaverse.)