Wallet SuperNova(v0.8.0) Release Notes


SuperNova is a hard-fork version which upgrades MVS mainnet protocol, new features will be actived at height 1,270,000.
After height 1,270,000, if you do not upgrade (only full-node, Desktop/Linux), MVS wallet no blocks synchronizing.

After wallet program upgraded, please waiting for synchronizing to the latest height, DO NOT EXIT.

Metaverse Full Node Wallet 0.8.0 Release Notes

New Features

  1. New digital asset(MST) features - Issuance
  2. New digital asset(MST) features - SecondaryIssue
  3. New digital asset(MST) features - Conditional Offering
  4. New digital asset(MST) features - Multi-signature
  5. New digital asset(MST) features - Domain-name And Certification
  6. New digital asset(MST) features - Burn
  7. Digital identity(Avatar) - Display
  8. Digital identity(Avatar) - Register&Bind
  9. Digital identity(Avatar) - Change
  10. Digital identity(Avatar) - Send
  11. Digital identity(Avatar) - Query
  12. New digital asset(MIT) - Metaverse Identifiable Token
  13. New digital asset(MIT) - Register
  14. New digital asset(MIT) - Transfer
  15. New digital asset(MIT) - Display
  16. Share private-key by QRCODE between lightwallet and full node wallet
  17. Lightwallet mainnet upgrade
  18. Explorer mainnet upgrade


  1. Commands issue fix
  2. Network sync blocking when hosts.cache polluted
  3. Wallet security enhancement
  4. Same APIs as Ethererum’s for MVS miners
  5. Other issues more
  6. Add JSON-RPC test-tools
  7. Performance improvement
  8. User experience enhancement
  9. Full-node stability enhancement
  10. Lightwallet/explorer/testnet upgrade & maintenance


If you have any issue, please contact us.
Thank you for your continuous support!
Metaverse Dev Team.