Digital Assets (MIT)

Metaverse Identifiable Token (MIT)

MIT is a set of token standards that allow everyone to register asset from off-chain. MIT is different with MST, which is a light token for tracking/verification for real-world asset.
MIT is very much like ERC721 tokens. You can operate it via a visual interface without any programming basics. You can even issue a Token in the SPV Light Wallet and these tokens can be safely transferred as Bitcoin.

MIT tokens run on the Metaverse(MVS) blockchain. MIT describes the standard that these tokens conform to. They are all “built” following the same set of “rules”, allowing them to operate on MVS.

  1. Globally uniqueness identifiable ID for each token, can be scanned as QR code/SN code etc.
  2. Indivisible and divisible, MIT’s amount is always = 1, it means no shares, transferring once only.
  3. Trackable with MVS Avatar DID.
  4. Verifiable by MVS Avatar.

MIT would necessarily be the most important development direction of the blockchain application. MIT token can be used in supply chain logistics/Tracking IoT devices etc.

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