MST Secondary Issuance


This is mainly about the secondaryissue asset command line operation, and other commands can be referred to Command-line.

First, you need an account and a did. You can use "mvs-cli getnewaccount accountname password" and "mvs-cli issuedid accountname password address did" to generate a new account and a new did. Please save the main private key (mnemonic-key) safely

For convenience, I’ll uniformly use test1 as account name, passwd1 as password, testdid as did, and use testing addresses in the following examples. When you refer to the following examples, please change to your account name, password and did, and pay attention to the correct addresses.

With an account, if you want to issue or send an asset, you have to make sure that there is enough ETP in the account to pay fees. You can use "mvs-cli getbalance test1 passwd1" to get the total balance of the account. You can also use "mvs-cli listbalances test1 passwd1" to list the balance of each address in the account.

You can use help to get the help information of each command. For eaxmple, use "mvs-cli help createasset" or "mvs-cli createasset -h" to get the help information of createasset command.


The account owned secondary issue certificate can secondary issue asset that can be secondary issued.

Usage: mvs-cli secondaryissue [-h] [--fee value]

Info: secondaryissue, alias as additionalissue.

Options (named):

-h [--help] Get a description and instructions for this command.
-f [--fee] The fee of tx. default_value 10 etp
-m [--model] The asset attenuation model parameter, defaults to
empty string.

Arguments (positional):

ACCOUNTNAME Account name.
ACCOUNTAUTH Account password/authorization.
TODID Target did to check and issue asset
SYMBOL The symbol of issued asset
VOLUME The volume of asset


  1. issued asset maybe secondaryissue many times.
  2. For asset attenuation model, please refer to MST Conditional Offering.

secondaryissue must satisfy the folllowing conditions:

  1. consider the transaction fees
    the fees is paid from mychange parameter if specified, or else from searched addresses.
  2. consider the threshold
    the target address must have specified name/symbol asset of quantity value greater than or equal to threshold percentage.
  3. consider the asset cert
    the target address must have issue asset cert of specified name/symbol asset.