Wallet MPC1(v0.9.0) Release Notes


MPC1 is a hard-fork version which upgrades MVS mainnet protocol, new features will be actived at height 1,924,000.
After height 1,924,000, if you do not upgrade (only full-node, Desktop/Linux), MVS wallet no blocks synchronizing.
Please refer to Manual of upgrading to MPC1

After wallet program upgraded, please waiting for synchronizing to the latest height, DO NOT EXIT.

Metaverse Full Node Wallet 0.9.0 Release Notes

New Features

  1. Supports PoW & PoS
  2. Supports MST mining
  3. Supports BIP65.
  4. Supports BIP68.
  5. Supports BIP112.
  6. Add new cli commands: lock, getlocked, getstakeinfo.
  7. Improve listassets to query cert by type.

Tech & Bugfix

  1. Custom config file
  2. Mining difficulty adjustment
  3. Remove deposit.

PoS & MST Mining

Please refer to PoS & MST Mining


If you have any issue, please contact us.
Thank you for your continuous support!
Metaverse Dev Team.