Wallet SuperNova(v0.8.3) Release Notes

Metaverse Full Node Wallet 0.8.3 Release Notes



  1. Support swap tokens between ERC20 tokens and MST, manual.
  2. Support burn cert and MIT.
  3. Support two new kind of certificate: marriage and KYC.
  4. Support memo when sending asset by cli-command.
  5. Support query deposited asset by cli-command.
  6. Support websocket API, related issues:276, 321.
  7. Fix or implement following issues: 311, 313


  1. Add “Link Ethereum and Metaverse addresses” page
  2. Add “Swap” option in Transfer MST for compatible MST
  3. Add pagination of All Avatars list
  4. Improve Transaction history pagination

Download Wallet

Download Wallet


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