Frequently Asked Questions and answers about wallet

Top Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why ETP balances are not displayed correctly on my wallet?

  1. Please try online explorer, myetpwallet, or full node wallet to verify ETP balances.
  2. If you are using a browser wallet, try a different browser and recommend using Google Chrome.
  3. If you are using a light wallet, try to generate enough addresses so that the light wallet can display ETP on those addresses.

2. How to add addresses to light wallet?

  1. Open Chrome explorer, go to myetpwallet.
  2. Create wallet file with your memonic words, export it as “mvs_keystore.json”.
  3. Open the wallet file with notepad, edit the number after “index:” with a larger one, eg.

  4. Save the wallet file, and then relogin to myetpwallet with the edited wallet file.

  5. Resync data.