Wallet v0.7.5 Release Notes

Since Beijing time 3.15 11AM ~ 3.16 8PM, MVS mainnet was under future blocktime attack, MVS mainnet got separated.
Attacker wrote future blocktime into each block, that caused mining difficulty drop down, then he/she controled MVS mainnet through selfish-mining.
So we decided to hard-fork at height 1030000.

MVS mainnet hard-fork already actived successfully on the safty longest chain.
explorer.mvs.org, lightwallet works well.
Please download wallet v0.7.5 to support this hard-fork to defend potential future blocktime attack.

After upgrade to v0.7.5, your wallet may be in 2 cases.

CASE 1 - current height under 1030000

open v0.7.5 wallet, check current height.
Then leave it alone, waiting for may 1 hour, see whether wallet height close to the height of https://explorer.mvs.org.

CASE 2 - current height over 1030000

That means you may in attacker’s chain. need re-sync by below tools.

  1. Stop mvsd, if running.

    $ pkill -9 mvsd
  2. Download fix-tool from here, Linux only.

    $ wget  http://sfo.newmetaverse.org/mvs-download/mvs-popblocks-tool.tar.gz
    $ tar -xzvf mvs-popblocks-tool.tar.gz
  3. Execute pop tool.


[[email protected] popblocks]$ ls
mvs-cli mvsd-popblock popblock.sh
[[email protected] popblocks]$ ./popblock.sh
step 1: start to run ./mvsd-popblock
sleep 5 seconds to wait ./mvsd-popblock start completed
please input the start height to pop from.
eg, if specified 1000000, then all blocks with height greater than or equal to 1000000 will be poped out.

the current height is
"id" : 1,
"jsonrpc" : "2.0",
"result" : 1031285

please input the height to pop from :1030000

sending popblock request
"id" : 1,
"jsonrpc" : "2.0",
"result" : null

popblock finished
the block height now is
"id" : 1,
"jsonrpc" : "2.0",
"result" : 1029999

kill mvsd-popblock and exit
sending SIGTERM to mvsd.
[[email protected] popblocks]$

Metaverse Full Node Wallet 0.7.5 Release Notes

Download official wallet binary here: https://mvs.org/wallet.html

If you have any issue, please contact us.
Thank you for your continuous support!
Metaverse Dev Team.