• Blazing Fast Transfering

    The Metaverse blockchain brings you incredible transfering speed.

  • User Friendly Tokens

    Metaverse Smart Token brings you safty convenient token mechanism.

  • Sovereign Digital Identities

    Connect your asset and your identity with Metaverse Avatar.

  • MST Exchange

    An open MST on-chain exchange protocol, enjoy trading anytime.

  • mvsd
  • mvs-cli getnewaccount <account> <passwd>
  • mvs-cli getnewaddress <account> <passwd>
  • mvs-cli send <account> <passwd> <receiver_address> <ETP_bits>
  • mvs-cli gettransaction <tx_id>
  • mvs-cli issue <account> <passwd> <token_symbol>
  • mvs-cli listassets